Aakash Tablet PC – DataWind Product

Aakash tablet PC is mini laptop or tablet pc introduced by Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal. Aakash tablet PC is world ‘s first low price tablet pc which made for students and teachers and government will pay 50% subsidy on each purchase of product. It is manufacture by DataWind, UK and developed by IIT Rajasthan and datawind company.

Government ordered 1,00,000 pc tablet which will 10000 delivered to IIT Rajasthan and 90,000 tablet will be distribution for other institution and market. It is not available in market for sale. After three or four month after, will launch in market for sale. The cost of Aakash tablet PC will be Rs. 1100 to Rs. 1500 for students and Rs. 2250 to Rs. 2999.

Aakash tablet pc has many features and specification which make it best device. This tablet work on Android 2.2 operating system with 7 inch touch screen display, 256 MB ram, 2 GB hard drive which expendable to 32 GB by micro MMC and 2-3 hour battery backup. This device support various document, video and audio formats and also compatible for Internet browser and wi-fi connectivity.

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  1. hitesh kumar says:

    kya ek hi email id se 4 ubislate 7+ book kiye ja sakte hai..plese give me answer .. <3

  2. hitesh kumar says:

    Well friend you book now ubislate.com our aakash tablet 3000 Rs. with phone&sim functionality.
    this is best for aakash tablet ..



    Can i know when can i get the tablet. I have booked online on 15th January 2012. My booking ID is PM3DE9B173F. My

    Please let us know what is the procedure. When can i get the same?

  4. luv says:

    are kb bhejoge yar ise mai to bar book kar chooka hu….dena hai yani

  5. N MUTHUKUMAR says:

    I have already sent a cheque for Rs.2,999/- during march and debited in my account. What are you doing idiots .Do you want to cheat every body by giving false advertisement . Number one fraud company . Please return my amount.Do not cheat about 14 lakhs people and cheating amount to the tune of Rs.420 crores.

  6. Majid hussain says:

    When i get ubslate7+

  7. N.Ramakrishna says:

    The features of the AKASH TABLET is amazing. It looks very attractive with its android operating system, size, SIM features, GPRS Connectivity.

  8. vinothkumar says:

    1/47,north street , asoor , kumbakonam.

  9. tanvir says:

    hi,i’m from bangladesh…
    can i buy an akash tab from any bangladeshi stor or outlet?

  10. sanjiv says:

    kab aye ga tablet

  11. suresh bhagore says:

    please provide me i need urgent t ablat

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